AEQ Radio Broadcast Equipment

Active are the UK distributor for AEQ, the internationally prominent broadcast equipment manufacturer.

For more information on AEQ equipment see : AEQ Broadcast Audio Mixing Desk

For AEQ’s new digital audio mixing console see : AEQ Audio Mixing Forum Console


The Active Network Audio Logger records broadcast audio in high quality WAV format to hard disk, before converting this into the standard MP3 format.

For more information on AnaLogger see : Radio Audio Logger Software AnaLogger


TxtManager PRO receives SMS (Text) messages via a Nokia mobile phone and displays them on a PC screen. It can optionally send the messages to an email account. The program can recognise user-defined keywords in the message and from this forward messages to individual email addresses; display counters with percentages to the user and even auto-reply to the SMS Sender.

For more information on TxtManager see : TxtManager Txt Messaging Software

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