Business Technology Support and Cyber Security Specialists

ActiveIT are Business Technology Partners for our clients. We provide the expertise to ensure our clients have the best computer systems, software and associated infrastructure to meet their needs and keep their business running efficiently and securely.

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Professional IT Support
As a business owner or manager, you know how to run your business. Technology is one of the tools you need for it to be efficient, but you need it to be reliable, and for any problems to be dealt with quickly. We maximise reliability by discreetly monitoring and managing everything in the background, fixing potential problems before they become big issues that affect the business.
When help is required, our Help Desk is available 24x7x365 for those that need it, direct and immediate access to our engineers.

Cyber Security
Protection of computer systems and the data they hold is not just essential, it is a legal requirement if you hold personal information. Having anti-virus software and the occasional backup isn’t enough, cyber security must be taken seriously, from the training of users to spot fraudulent emails to ensuring that active threats are responded to immediately, their effects then mitigated.

If you want your Business IT to be reliable and secure, call us now!