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BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) Security Solutions

Cyber security should be a priority for any business.
Protecting your data – and that of your clients – is not only paramount but also a legal requirement.

So, what happens if your employees use their own digital devices to carry out their work?

Cost Savings

BYOD Advantages

There are certainly advantages to having workers use their own equipment.

For one thing, they will be familiar with their devices, so arguably, they will be able to carry out tasks more efficiently.

And, of course, it will save the company money. There won’t be a need to buy employees a new laptop, tablet or smartphone.

However, security controls and monitoring on these devices are still a requirement if they are to be adequately secured.

Balancing the need to protect data and systems against the expectations of the device owner can be difficult; careful consideration is needed, as is a clear and comprehensive BYOD policy.

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Security Risks
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Data Security

BYOD Security Risks

Using a personal device for business, even if it’s just an email, can be a significant security risk.

Whether it's a laptop, mobile or even a smartwatch, any of these can be used to either:

Using your own device at work for personal communications but allowing it to be connected to the business network via Wi-Fi carries a risk; the device can bring in malware or take away data from the network, effectively breaching the firewall.

In 2019, the latest data available from the Information Commissioners’ Office showed that:

Read our Top 5 BYOD Security Risks blog to find out more. 

So, how can we help?
ActiveIT’s BYOD Security Solutions

At ActiveIT, we offer a wide range of BYOD security solutions.

Endpoint Manager

Have the device registered in your company’s 365 portal so that company data will be segregated.
This means that if you need to have the information removed, it can be done remotely without requiring access to the device.
This is great for employees who have to be dismissed or stop coming to work.

Sophos AntiVirus

To go with the AntiVirus we install on company computers,
we can also provide copies for BYOD to ensure that the computers
used to access and work on company data are protected from
viruses the user may inadvertently pick up.

Segregated WiFi

Along with the company’s own WiFi network, we can set up a separate WiFi that allows the employee’s personal device to access the internet, but not the company’s internal resources.
The advantage of this is that any viruses on the employee’s personal computer won’t be spread to the rest of the network.
It can also ensure that employees can’t copy files from a local server onto their personal computers.

Azure Information Protection

If you have files that employees need to work on while using their personal computers, we can protect those files to ensure they can’t be opened by people who shouldn’t have access to them.
We can encrypt the files using labels so that only authorised staff members can open them.
This means that if the files get shared, they can’t be opened.
If an employee quits and still has a copy of the files on their computer, they will lose access to open them.

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