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We understand the unique challenges and requirements faced by care homes in today's technology-driven world. That's why we are dedicated to providing top-notch IT solutions designed to streamline operations, enhance resident care, and elevate your overall efficiency.

With years of experience in the IT industry, our expert team specialises in delivering bespoke, proactive IT solutions and services that align with the specific needs of your care home.

Bespoke Support

Bespoke Care Industry IT Support

At Active, we offer a wide range of IT services and support that cover every aspect of your care home's technology needs. Whether it's improving connectivity, upgrading computer systems, implementing secure firewalls, or enhancing phone systems and communications, our expert team at ActiveIT has the solutions and expertise to tackle your specific challenges head-on.

We firmly believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients. Taking the time to understand your unique requirements, challenges, and goals to deliver tailored IT solutions that exceed your expectations. Our commitment to exceptional customer service and unwavering support sets us apart as a trusted IT partner for care homes across the UK.

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A few of Our Care Home solutions

Global connectivity

Broadband and Connectivity

Say goodbye to the days of frustrating, slow internet connections with ActiveIT's reliable broadband solutions customized for care homes. Enjoy fast, stable, and uninterrupted internet access.

Building-Wide Wi-Fi

Technology Partnerships

As technology evolves, it's essential to stay ahead of the curve. Our experienced consultants provide expert advice on leveraging emerging technologies to optimize care home operations and improve resident care.

Access Points

Access Points

Our comprehensive Wi-Fi solutions cover the entire premises, ensuring seamless connectivity for staff, residents, and visitors. We prioritize privacy and security by securely segregating networks.

Full Cabling Solutions

Hardware and Software Solutions

We provide expert guidance on selecting and implementing the right hardware and software solutions, tailored to the unique requirements of your care home. Whether you need new computers, servers, or specialised software applications, we have the expertise to assist you.

Secure Firewalls

IT Support and Helpdesk Services

Our dedicated support team is available to provide prompt assistance whenever you encounter technical issues or require IT guidance. We offer both remote and on-site support, ensuring minimal disruptions to your daily operations.

Phone Systems & Communications

Phone Systems & Communications

Ensure you and your residents can stay connected with eachother, and external parties such as families effortlessly with our advanced phone systems and integrated communications solutions.

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Case Study

The Priory Care Home

In early 2023, The Priory care home in Monmouth approached ActiveIT to help them improve their IT infrastructure.  Like any professional organisation, the senior management team at The Priory knew the importance of an effective IT setup.

They were aware that their current systems were outdated and causing inefficiencies in their operations.

The care home needed a company that could help modernise their IT, improve their internal communications and maximise their productivity.

The Priory care home had an internal need to improve their IT infrastructure as they knew that their current setup was not sufficient to meet their requirements.

There were a number of specific issues that ActiveIT were asked to address, which included the following:

Broadband & Wi-Fi

The broadband was poor, the Wi-Fi did not cover the entire premises, and the PCs were old and inefficient. As a result, staff had difficulty accessing the necessary information and carrying out their duties efficiently.

Medication Records

One of the care home’s main requirements was introducing a new system to record any medications and updates in real-time, as they wanted to ensure that they were providing the best possible care to their residents.

Staff Time Keeping

In addition to the medication recording system, The Priory care home also wanted to upgrade their timekeeping system for staff. They were interested in a digital system that would be easy for carers to use and would accurately reflect the hours worked and tasks completed.

Apart from addressing the specific IT issues faced by The Priory care home, ActiveIT also provided ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that the IT infrastructure remained up to date and efficient. This support included regular software updates, hardware maintenance and technical support for any issues that arose.


With ActiveIT’s help, The Priory care home was able to significantly improve its IT infrastructure, providing better services to its residents and increasing efficiency in its operations. The installation of a leased line, customised software solutions, and a biometric timekeeping system helped The Priory care home address specific IT issues and improve its overall operations. ActiveIT’s ongoing support and maintenance ensured that The Priory care home’s IT infrastructure remained up to date and efficient, providing a solid foundation for its future growth and success.

With ActiveIT’s help, The Priory care home was able to significantly enhance its IT infrastructure, providing better services to its residents and increasing efficiency in its operations.

Here are some of the specific improvements we helped the team make.

Broadband & Wi-Fi

ActiveIT provided a comprehensive Wi-Fi solution that covered the entire building, including separate networks for staff, residents, and visitors. These networks were securely segregated to ensure the privacy and security of all users. ActiveIT also installed access points throughout the building to ensure strong and reliable connectivity.

ActiveIT recommended a biometric timekeeping system that would not only reduce payroll costs but also increase control over staff attendance and working hours. This solution helped The Priory care home save a considerable amount of money on payroll and improve overall staff management.

To address this requirement, ActiveIT recommended a customised software solution that would allow staff to record any medications and updates in real-time, ensuring that residents receive timely and accurate treatment. This system not only improved the quality of care provided but also increased the efficiency of the staff by reducing the time required to record and update information manually.

Full cabled computer replacement: The Priory care home’s staff PCs were old and inefficient, causing significant delays and inefficiencies in their operations. ActiveIT recommended a full cabled computer replacement, ensuring that all staff had up-to-date and reliable computers to carry out their work.

Secure Firewall: To protect The Priory care home’s IT infrastructure from cyber threats, ActiveIT installed a secure firewall that could detect and block any malicious traffic.

Configured everything to work: ActiveIT ensured that all the IT systems, including the new phone system, were configured to work seamlessly together. This included setting up email systems, cloud services, and other essential applications.

Proactive Maintenance and Support Contract: ActiveIT provided a proactive maintenance and support contract, giving The Priory care home 24/7 access to technical support. This ensured that any IT issues were resolved promptly, reducing downtime and ensuring smooth operations.

These solutions provided by ActiveIT helped The Priory care home to significantly improve their IT infrastructure and operations, allowing staff to carry out their duties efficiently and providing residents with better care services. The comprehensive Wi-Fi solution, full cabled computer replacement, secure firewall, and configured IT systems worked seamlessly together, providing a solid foundation for the care home’s future growth and success. Additionally, the proactive maintenance and support contract ensured that any IT issues were promptly resolved, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.

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Why Choose Active IT For Your Business IT Support?

When it comes to business IT support, you want to work with a team you can trust. We have been providing professional IT services and support since 1998, working closely with clients to provide them with dependable IT systems that enhance their business.

We are proud to be trusted IT partners with all the businesses we work with across various industries and professions.

Typically, we get recommended by our contacts who know that we can be relied upon to do what we claim.

The success of this type of referral is demonstrated by the time we have worked with some of our partner clients. Some of our relationships go back over 20 years and are still strong.

Our Help Desk partners based in Crawley (West Sussex) and Auckland (New Zealand) are fully integrated into our systems and provide ActiveIT with the capability of supporting all sizes of customers, whether they have just a few users or many hundreds, on a 24/7 basis.

Care Home IT Support FAQs

Managing and supporting a client infrastructure requires a deep understanding of technical aspects, troubleshooting and resolving IT problems, and following and implementing platform management processes and customer service.

One of the key benefits of outsourcing the Technical Support function is the ability to leverage a whole team of technical experts with experience in running this for many other businesses, typically at a reduced rate to hiring in-house.

Implementing an IT system can improve efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility of patient records, streamline communication among staff members, enable remote healthcare services, and enhance overall care quality and resident satisfaction.

Our support services are calculated on several variables, including the size of the business, services required, number of offices and support hours needed. ActiveIT provides complete consultative services for prospective clients to review their current IT solutions and provide visibility of technical gaps and issues before pricing a full business IT support service to facilitate productivity, reliability and security for your organisation.

We operate technical support either as a 9/5 service during standard UK working days or as a fully 24/7/365 service supporting both email and phone support methods.

Choosing the best IT support company for your organisation is a difficult decision. Our recommendation would be to focus on leading companies who will perform a consultative review of your current platforms and offer a suggested approach. ActiveIT provides an IT health check for all new and prospective clients to identify areas for optimisation for our managed and co-managed IT services to ensure we can offer the best-managed solutions and peace of mind for your business.

Consider transitioning from a traditional fax machine to a fax to email service, which allows you to receive and send faxes electronically, eliminating the need for a physical fax machine and enabling easier document management.

To ensure security and privacy, choose IT systems with robust data encryption, access controls, and compliance with relevant regulations. Regular security audits, staff training, and implementing strict privacy policies can also safeguard resident data.


Need Help? Send Us A Message!

You can also call us on 01903 257070, book a no-obligation appointment, or head to our contact page

Need Help? Send Us A Message!

You can also call us on 01903 257070, book a no-obligation appointment, or head to our contact page