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Reduce your print costs with Active and Clarity

Fed up with always buying toner cartridges?
Want lower printing costs?

Active have teamed up with Clarity Copiers South East to provide our customers with cost effective print solutions starting at less than one penny per page – including toner and on-site maintenance.

Why have we done this? We see the need to provide our customers with the most cost-effective print solutions, and Clarity are one of the largest independent suppliers of copiers and print solutions in the UK. This enables them (and now us) to help you choose the best products to suit your individual needs and budget whilst offering a full service and maintenance with a guaranteed 4 hour response.

Free in-house print audit

Not sure how much you could save? As an introductory offer Clarity are will to complete a free in-house print audit for you. It takes less than five minutes and will show you exactly how much you spend to produce your in-house documents.

Why are we offering it for free? Well, in most cases Clarity are proven to be in a position of reducing your costs by up to 50%, and offering better service.
Clarity South East<

Top reasons why Microsoft Office 2010 is great for your business

Loaded with new and exciting features, Microsoft Office 2010 is designed to meet the demands of people who need to stay productive anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re crunching numbers on a plane or broadcasting a presentation from a coffee shop – Office 2010 can help you deliver high-impact work that can help your business stand out from the competition.

With Office 2010, you get the best productivity experience across the PC, phone, and browser so you can use Office 2010 anywhere to manage your business.

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Tips for Social Networking Safety

Social networking websites like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter can be used to connect with others and share photos and videos. As the popularity of these sites grow, so do the risks of using them. Hackers, spammers, virus writers, identity thieves, and other criminals follow the traffic.
Read these tips to help protect yourself :


  • Use caution when you click links that you receive in messages from your friends on your social website. Treat links in messages as you would links in email messages.
  • Know what you’ve posted about yourself. A common way that hackers break into accounts is by clicking the “Forgot your password?” link on the account login page. They search for the answers to your security questions, such as your birthday, home town, or mother’s middle name. Make up your own password questions if you can, and don’t draw them from material anyone could find with a quick search.
  • Don’t trust that a message is really from who it says it’s from. Hackers can break into accounts and send messages that look like they’re from your friends, but aren’t. If you are suspicious of a message, contact your friend another way to find out. This includes invitations to join new social networks.
  • To avoid giving away email addresses of your friends, do not allow social networking services to scan your email address book. When you join a new social network, you might receive an offer to enter your email address and password to find out if your contacts are on the network. The site might use this information to send email messages to everyone in your contact list or even everyone you’ve ever sent an email message to with that email address.
  • Type the address of your social networking site directly into your browser or use your personal bookmarks. If you click a link to your site through email or another website, you might be entering your account name and password into a fake site where your personal information could be stolen.
  • Be selective about who you accept as a friend on a social network. Identity thieves might create fake profiles in order to get information from you.
  • Choose your social network carefully, and make sure you understand the privacy policy. Find out if the site monitors content that people post. You will be providing personal information to this website, so use the same criteria that you would to select a site where you enter your credit card.
  • Assume that everything you put on a social networking site is permanent. Even if you can delete your account, anyone on the Internet can easily print photos or text or save images and videos to a computer.
  • Be careful about installing extras on your site. Many social networking sites allow you to download third-party applications that let you do more with your personal page. Criminals sometimes use these applications to steal your personal information.
  • Think twice before you use social networking sites at work.

Trade-up to HP

Trade in your old PC today and get a minimum of £150 when you purchase a qualifying HP ProBook or EliteBook with Intel® Core I Processor technology.
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Top ten time-saving PC tips!

Here are some quick time-saving tips to help you get the most out of your computer!

1. Ctrl-Left takes you back a page, and Ctrl-Right moves you forward. On a Mac, switch Ctrl for the Cmd key.

2. Press the Space bar to take you down a page (as long as you aren’t typing!). Add shift to go back up.

3. You can enlarge the text on any Web page. In Windows, press Ctrl and the plus or minus keys (for bigger or smaller fonts); on the Mac, it’s the Command key and plus or minus.

4. Putting quotation marks around a phrase in google keeps the words together, stopping your search for “electric fences” becoming a search for electric blankets!

5. You can switch from one open program to the next by pressing Alt+Tab (Windows) or Command-Tab (Mac).

6. Just putting something into the Trash or the Recycle Bin doesn’t actually delete it. You then have to *empty* the Recycle Bin from within the application.

7. You don’t have to type “http://www” into your Web browser. Just type the remainder: “”, for example.

8. Holding Ctrl while using the scroll wheel on your mouse is an easy way to zoom in and out.

9. Any word can be highlighted by double-clicking it. Triple-clicking highlights the whole paragraph. Hold down Ctrl while clicking to select more than one word/paragraph.

10. Some key shortcuts to save you time:

Ctrl (or Cmd for Mac users) +

S – automatic saving

C – automatic copying

V – automatic pasting

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