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Industries We Provide IT Solutions For

No matter what line of business you are in, you need quality support for your IT systems.

ActiveIT work across many different sectors and our engineers are familiar with many of the different priorities each sector has. We talk your language; we do not expect you to have to talk ours!

A large part of our job is staying up to date on the latest industry regulations, compliance requirements, and of course, cyber threats.

This ensures that we can provide you with advice and recommendations that are specific to your industry, taking into consideration the challenges that you face in your business.

Software Vendors

We also work with a number of industry-specific software vendors, providing their applications with stable and reliable platforms to operate on.

Whether it is an Accounting system, ERP, CRM or Leisure Management, the chances are we have worked with it before.

If not, we’ll work with the vendor to get ourselves trained on your behalf.

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