IT Network Support Services


At ActiveIT, we understand that a robust and dependable network infrastructure is the backbone of your business’s IT system.

If you’re encountering performance or reliability issues with your computers or grappling with Wi-Fi connectivity challenges, the culprit might be poorly installed cabling or inadequate network configuration.

Our comprehensive IT network support services are tailored to address these concerns, ensuring your network operates seamlessly and securely.

The Importance of a Well-Designed IT Network

Incorrectly installed or poorly designed network systems can severely hinder your business’s productivity and efficiency.

Investing in a professionally designed and expertly installed network infrastructure is a wise decision.

It enhances your IT network’s performance and becomes a valuable asset to your business.

Prioritising Security in Network Design

Security is paramount when it comes to network infrastructure.

Our approach is to integrate security from the very beginning and maintain it throughout the entire system.

Just like a secure office building requires guarding all entrances, a network should be safeguarded comprehensively.

Implementing a firewall is essential, but it’s equally crucial to prevent unauthorised devices from connecting to the private network.

We ensure your network remains secure and impenetrable.

Network Availability: Minimising Downtime

Network availability is often underestimated.

A network failure or Internet access loss can put your business at a standstill.

To address this, we assess your business’s critical functions, evaluate acceptable downtime, and calculate the cost of potential disruptions.

For scenarios where downtime is unacceptable, we implement high-availability systems.

These systems prevent any single hardware component failure from causing network downtime.

To maximise network resilience, we also offer multiple Internet connection options, including leased lines, broadband, and LTE mobile.

Performance Optimisation

Network performance is a crucial consideration.

We prioritise traffic that demands high performance, such as voice and video calling, while appropriately restricting low-priority traffic.

This ensures your network operates efficiently and delivers a seamless user experience.

Wireless Networks

In today’s modern business environment, wireless networks play a pivotal role in connectivity and mobility.

ActiveIT’s network support services include expert assistance in designing, configuring, and maintaining your wireless network infrastructure.

We ensure that your wireless network provides seamless coverage, high-speed connectivity, and robust security, enabling your employees to work from anywhere within your premises.

Wired Networks

While wireless networks are prevalent, the importance of a well-structured wired network cannot be overlooked.

ActiveIT offers comprehensive support for wired network solutions. Our team of experts can help you plan and deploy wired network systems that deliver high-speed, reliable connections for your critical business operations.

Whether you need Ethernet cabling, fibre optic networks, or a combination of both, we have the expertise to optimise your wired network for efficiency and stability.

Find Out More About Our IT Network Support Services

If you’re experiencing network performance or reliability issues, or if you’re uncertain about the security of your network, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Our initial advice is always free and may prove invaluable to your business.

Should you choose to engage our services, we can design, install, and configure a future-proof network solution tailored to your specific needs.

Contact ActiveIT today for professional IT network support services that will transform your network into a reliable and secure foundation for your business.

Wherever possible, cabled network connections are recommended to ensure best reliability and performance.


Installing Wi-Fi into your business premises (or your home) is more than just adding an Access Point to the network


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