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Today, IT systems are essential to the smooth running of businesses whether they are large or small. Keeping them maintained is essential, if they let you down then your business will suffer, so care and maintenance of your IT system is essential to make sure you don’t endure slow speeds, downtime or disruption.

Our EasyCare Total IT Support really buys you business performance and continuity. You don’t buy IT systems because you want to have computers on your desk; you buy them because you need them to run your business. EasyCare Total IT Support allows you to concentrate on running your business, whilst we look after your IT.
EasyCare Total IT Support provides options, from basic “no-frills” support to “fully comprehensive”. Standard configurations are Bronze, Silver and Gold as below, should these not suit the requirements then a custom package can be put together exactly as required.

New Opening Hours
Active Information Systems opening hours are 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

Feature Bronze Silver Gold

Guaranteed Response Time

Discounted Labour Rates

Serversafe Daily Monitoring


Serversafe Proactive Monitoring

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Telephone/Remote Support – Timed Service

o o

Telephone/Remote Support – Unlimited Service

Planned Maintenance Visits (Quantity)

o ✓ (2) ✓ (4)

Emergency On-site Responce

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Update Management


Hardware Maintenance

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Monthly Support Use Report

Remote/home users

Remote/home users

Annual IT Strategy Review

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Disaster Recovery Planning

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Consumable Management

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Annual Out Of Hours “Major Service”

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✓ = Included As Standard o = Optonal Extra

Features Explained

Guaranteed response time
All support issues are sorted into three classifications when we receive them:

  • Business Critical – 1 hour response
  • Important Non-Critical – 4 hour response
  • Non-Critical – Next Business Day response

Classification is not automatic, it is carried out in conjunction with the person who raises the problem and how it affects their business. If an issue starts out as Non-Critical but becomes more urgent then it can be escalated, providing of course there is good reason!

We guarantee to respond to issues in each of these classifications within the stated time. If we don’t achieve this, then you don’t pay for your support that month!

Discounted labour rate
All EasyCare Total IT Support customers receive a 10% discount on our standard labour rates for any additional work they require.

ServerSafe Daily Monitoring
ServerSafe Daily Monitoring performs checks on a daily basis to spot potential problems on your server. Whilst these problems may not affect the operation of the server immediately, if left unattended they could turn into a disaster.

Checks performed include:

  • Critical Events – Scans the Event Log for critical events
  • Daily Backup – Any problems with backup tasks are alerted
  • Anti-Virus Check – Alerts if anti-virus is not updated properly
  • Disk Health – Checks that disks are healthy and warns if failing

ServerSafe Proactive Monitoring
ServerSafe Proactive Monitoring provides constant checking of your server’s critical functions, alerting us of any issue within minutes of it occurring!
We don’t wait for you to notice that something isn’t working, we don’t need you to spend time troubleshooting, we just get on with fixing it. This means that problems get fixed faster, and downtime is reduced. Indeed, we usually find and fix problems before you are even aware of them!

Telephone/remote support br>The majority of IT problems can be resolved either over the phone (quick help issues) or using remote control support which allows us to take control of your server or desktop computer remotely using a secure Internet based connection.

Planned Maintenance
Just like getting your car serviced regularly at a garage, planned maintenance of your IT systems is essential if you don’t want to suffer from breakdown!
Although not included in the Bronze support level, we will provide advice for the customer to carry out their own planned maintenance or can provide ad-hoc maintenance on request.
Both Silver and Gold support levels include on-site planned maintenance; two visits per annum for Silver and four for Gold. These ensure that your system is fully maintained and enable us to then provide telephone/remote support on the unlimited basis!

Emergency On-site response
In the event of a Business Critical problem which cannot be resolved remotely, then we will provide an engineer on-site to fix the problem. We guarantee to attend by the Next Business Day, if we can be there quicker we will.

Update Management
It is very important that software updates are installed on all computers to maintain their reliability and security. This is an option on Bronze level contracts, and included as standard with Silver and Gold.

Hardware Maintenance
Equipment no longer covered by manufacturer’s warranty can be maintained by means of the Hardware Maintenance option. This provides for repair (parts and labour) of faulty equipment subject to the availability of spare parts and the repair being viable. In the event of repair not being viable (ie the equipment is end of life) then the option will be given for replacement with reduced installation cost.

Monthy Support Report
This details all incidents reported, the resolution and the time taken to resolve the problem. Delivery of the report is normally by email, optionally it can be sent as a hard copy

Remote/Home Users
Support will be provided for remote/home users accessing company systems, subject to the user being registered with us. Support is not included for users own home PCs/laptops, or their broadband connections, unless specifically agreed otherwise.

Annual IT Strategy Review
We welcome the opportunity to review IT strategy with customers. By doing so, it helps customers plan what they do with their systems, ensuring IT enhances their business as effectively as possible and helping reduce wasted effort.

Disaster Recovery Planning
Not everything in life goes to plan, disasters do happen. Every business should have a written Disaster Recovery Plan so that if something unexpected does happen, staff know what to do, and disruption can be minimised. Whilst we are not experts on every aspect of disaster recovery planning, we do know about IT, and will be able to advise what is needed to minimise business interruption should IT systems fail, or what will be needed to get up and running should a major disaster such as a fire occur.

Consumable Management
Fed up with running out of toner/ink at the wrong moment? Don’t want to get ripped off paying expensive carriage charges just to get a new cartridge quickly? As an option, all EasyCare Total IT Support customers can have their consumables managed by us! We’ll evaluate your “normal” use, and recommend a minimal stock holding at your office. We’ll then contact you (weekly or monthly, as agreed) to check stock level and arrange replenishment so that you don’t run out.

Annual Out of Hours “Major Service”
Having IT engineers crawling around under desks during office hours isn’t always convenient or acceptable, neither is downtime for servers. Both are usually necessary at least once a year, if only to thoroughly clean out the dust and general detritus that accumulates and can lead to overheating. As an option, we will give your entire system a “major service” out of hours. This will include vacuuming out all server and desktop systems, tidying and replacing any damaged cables and performing any additional housekeeping jobs that are necessary to ensure best reliability.

IT Support Services for West Sussex
Active Group provides IT Support Services for all towns in West Sussex Incl. Arundel, Bognor Regis, Burgess Hill, Chichester, Crawley, East Grinstead, Eastbourne, Haywards Heath, Horsham, Littlehampton, Midhurst, Petworth, Shoreham-by-sea, Steyning and Worthing.

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