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Business IT Solutions​

IT Solutions For Small & Medium Sized Businesses

We use the latest technology to make your business efficient, productive and profitable. 

Our team of experienced IT Consultants and Solutions Architects can help you make IT an asset to your business, not an overhead.

ActiveIT have over 20 years of experience working with many different clients across many types of business. We know what works (and what doesn’t) and we know how to design reliable systems that add value to business operations.

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Our Approach To IT Support Services​

Our approach is to start by understanding your business as much as we can, how the business works operationally, how IT is currently used, and what problems/frustrations there are with it at the moment. We also take into consideration your business aspirations and objectives so that we can then design a solution which helps you achieve them. Part of this process also takes into account your budget since solutions must always be appropriate to what you can afford to invest, even when they show a profitable return.

One size doesn’t fit all, and whilst some services such as Microsoft 365 may be common solution for a lot of needs we understand that your business may have requirements that require alternate, perhaps even bespoke, systems to make it efficient. Our specialists know what challenges are faced by certain sectors, challenges that may be due to regulation, the type of business or even the need to work safely during a pandemic whilst maintaining complete security and control of data.

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Business Infrastructure

Business IT Infrastructure is the term used to collectively describe the components that come together to form a complete business IT system.


Mobile Device

Mobile Device Management

More than an IT support contract, Business IT Protection and Support is the complete solution for ensuring your business is safe from IT system failure




Computer hardware is all the physical IT equipment and devices.


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In many ways the choice of software is more important than the hardwares.


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Our First-Rate IT Support Team

Whatever the business needs, we can help you transform its efficiency with on-premise, cloud or hybrid solutions. Once these are in place, our Support Team will ensure that it stays that way, and if any user has a problem they have someone they can call on to help.

Call and speak to one of our consultants (advice is free) and find out how we can help improve your business.

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