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Protecting Your Clients, Your Data and Your Time

In the legal sector, perhaps more than any other, time is money. As our Mission Statement confirms, “we believe that technology should enhance business” which means it must add-value, be dependable and always assist you, not create roadblocks when you least need them.

We understand that the pressure of clients means that you need to be able to work 24/7, collaborate on documents at any time and from anywhere, not just from your office desk during the hours of 9 to 5.

ActiveIT legal sector clients range from solicitors working on their own, law firms with Partners spread all over the country and barristers’ chambers. 

We provide them with best-of-breed IT systems that enable them to work efficiently, and our team has experience with a number of common legal line-of-business Case and Matter management systems.

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Key factors for the legal sector include:

Cyber threats are continually evolving, as does our advanced threat protection that detects and responds to security issues immediately, 24/7.

Our systems ensure compliance with all SRA requirements and recommendations, one less thing that our clients need to worry about.

Whether you are in the office, in court, with a client or working form home, you need to have access to information; secure cloud-based systems ensure you have this whilst not compromising security or compliance.

We work when you work, our protection systems ensure you are safe and our help desk will assist you with any problems whenever you need them, night or day.

Having secure and accessible systems in place is no good if they are not reliable, we do all we can to ensure you can keep working whilst also ensuring that if something catastrophic does happen you can be up and running again quickly.

We recognise that whilst IT systems need to evolve, you don’t want to waste your time on technology updates so our consultants will advise and ensure that your systems are kept up to date and aligned with your practice requirements so you don’t have to.

Letting ActiveIT take the responsibility for your IT off your shoulders will ensure all these factors are taken into consideration enabling you to spend more time on what matters, your legal practice. Contact our team, we’ll take care of the rest.

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