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To be an efficient manufacturer you need to keep production going. Whether that is one shift a day or a 24/7 factory, downtime costs. ActiveIT have worked with manufacturing businesses in many sectors including automotive, instrumentation, roofing products, business gifts, jewellery and others.

ActiveIT work closely with MRP/ERP system providers to ensure there is a reliable and stable platform for them to operate on. Our 24/7 monitoring, protection and remediation ensures that systems are maintained optimally with minimal downtime.

ActiveIT’s experience working with a number of different systems, including both new installations and migrations, means that we are able to provide support for all types of problem, liaising with third-parties as needed on our customers behalf. This avoids the customer being stuck in the middle between providers, we take full responsibility for seeing a problem through to resolution, involving anyone we need to along the way.

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Please contact us if you require assistance with any IT issue, whether something has gone wrong or you are just looking for advice. We are here to assist you to get the very best from your IT systems.

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Of course, systems do have problems occasionally, the key to success is ensuring that they don’t cause disruption. Where systems are mission-critical, we recommend redundancy and continuity solutions that guarantee system availability even if a major component fails, reducing the need for emergency response and eliminating unplanned stoppages.

Whether you are a small manufacturer with just a handful of staff or a bigger business with hundreds, we talk your language. Our team can provide, install and support a preferred software package, provide initial training or project manage a complete implementation.

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We specialise in supporting micro, small and medium size manufacturing businesses and can provide demonstrations online. Contact us now to speak to a manufacturing system or ERP team specialist.

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