Maple Leaf Golf

Case Study: Maple Leaf Golf

A Testimonial From The Leisure Sector

The Client:

Maple Leaf Golf operates three, soon to be four Golf Courses across South East England, their venues also boast a range of entertainment and fun related facilities and activities.

The Need:

Historically as the business developed it required ongoing advice, support and enhancement to its IT related infrastructure in order to ensure the development of the business continued efficiently and unhindered through the various stages of development

Maple Leak Golf Logo

Why ActiveIT:

This is perhaps best answered by way of the following quote from one of the co-owners – Richard Haygarth.

“We go out to tender every three years in relation to these services and the truth is, Active IT always end up as our preferred supplier as they did from day one. We like and trust them, and their staff are fantastic.”
Richard Haygarth

What have we delivered to our client:

We are proud to say that we have worked alongside Maple Leaf Golf for in excess of 16 years, throughout that we have in effect travelled with them on their journey of development and growth.  This has involved the provision of ongoing advice and support along with the provision of hardware and infrastructure throughout the various stages of development that the business has successfully undertaken.

The Outcome:

The starting point was just one PC and today the business operates in quite a sophisticated way within a cashless environment and everything in the cloud and much more.

In conclusion we are delighted to offer the following feedback from our client:

Richard says: 

“They have always provided us with good and well considered advice to take us smoothly through the various transitions we have made. They respond quickly and effectively to any issue encountered; they have been excellent.”
Richard Haygarth