Microsoft Certified IT Training

At Active we like to help our clients to get the best results from their IT investment. In order to provide businesses with a complete IT solution we know offer a range of courses in all Microsoft Office applications (2007,2010). We can tailor our courses to suit your business needs and can cater for all levels and abilities.

We know that most business use the following applications on a daily bases. Computer literacy can vary in an organisation and making sure everyone is proficient can significantly increase your staff’s productivity.

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Access
  • Outlook, inc Business Contact Manager
  • Publisher

Improve your business
All our courses are designed to improve your IT skills to help you run your business more efficiently. Understanding how to integrate your office activities to ensure you only ever enter data once is a very simple way of improving your efficiency.
Improving computer literacy and competence within your business will:

  • Improve productivity
  • Improve efficiency
  • Improve staff retention
  • Improve morale
  • Reduce IT support
  • Improve morale

Course Duration:
Courses are designed as 1 day modules though can be split into half day modules if required. Bespoke packages for multiple sessions can be tailored to your business.

Course Content:
Depending on the needs of your business we tailor each course to make sure you maximise your time learning relevant skills to help you run your business more efficiently. Courses can be designed to achieve specific tasks within a certain application, through to providing a basic overview for those who need to improve their basic skills.

Training Venue:
We can provide training facilities at our premises or we can train you and your staff within your organisation. To provide an optimal training experience we recommend group training of 4-8 people. Individual training can also be given for those with specific requirements.

Course Materials:
Our courses are configured to your needs and abilities. All course materials are provided to you on a DVD.

Training Abilities:
We cater for all levels and abilities. We make sure that we pitch our courses at the right level for your staff. Sometimes it may be necessary to carry out a needs analysis of your staff to determine the levels of competency to ensure the courses are pitched at the right level.

Needs Analysis:
If you are unsure of the training you need then we can provide a needs analysis to determine the various levels of knowledge within your business. We can then tailor you training to the needs of the individuals within your business.

Office Integration and transition:
We offer training courses that include a combination of the MS Office applications. As many applications are used within a business we will teach you how to integrate your business activities and teach you that you only ever need to enter data once.
If you have upgraded your version of Microsoft Office from 2003 to 2007 we will highlight the new features and changes. This can save you hours of wasted time trying to adapt and find previous icons, shortcuts etc.

Download Our tips and Tricks Session PDF for more details

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