Radio Recording & Logging Software

The Active Network Audio Logger fills a gap in functionality that many radio stations have a need for.
It is currently part of the Broadcasting Act 1996 that stations must keep 42 days worth of output, for reasons of complaint, checks by the Radio Authority and so on. While radio stations could manage this with the use of tape recorders, it proved frustrating to not be able to use this output for any other purpose. The AnaLogger solves this problem with a complete hard-drive recording solution.

How does it work?

AnaLogger works by storing the broadcast stream in high quality WAV format, opening up a whole host of possibilities for broadcast re-use, before converting this into the de facto MP3 format. Available as a low-cost complete stand-alone solution from Active or as software only, the AnaLogger is a highly flexible, low cost product that provides a wealth of valuable features to a largely overlooked area in radio station production.


AnaLogger can record up to 4 stereo channels of audio (or 8 mono) simultaneously to Hard Disk. Possibilities for re-use include:

  • Produce trailers with cutting edge just broadcast material
  • Review output from the last 42 days with a few mouse clicks
  • E-mail recordings of commercials direct to the advertisers
  • Provide the ability to listen to classic moments from your radio shows straight from your website


The other component in the AnaLogger system, the AnaPlayer application has been designed to review the recordings stored on the AnaLogger machine. The intuitive design has only one setting, which is to point it at the stored media. With a correctly setup AnaLogger machine you will then easily be able to browse all the recordings currently stored, switching between station/stream names to make navigation easy, date and time of day. The AnaPlayer has standard controls such as play, fast forward, rewind and track select, and whilst reviewing always displays the current file name so that retrieval of specific tracks is that much easier.

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