Backup and Continuity

Device/System Backup & Continuity

The backup of business information is critically important to the ability of a business to survive, no matter how big the company is. Research carried out by the Home Office shows that a massive 93% of businesses that lose data due to a disaster do out of business within two years.

No matter where you store your data, whether it is a hard drive, server or cloud it MUST be backed up, it must also be secure, and it must be accessible should you need it.

Online document storage solutions such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive etc are NOT backups, the vendors even state in their terms and conditions that it is the users responsibility to back up their data!

Business Continuity

Is backup enough for your business though? How would it cope with a temporary loss of IT and/or data? Could you survive for several days or would your customers start going elsewhere after just a short while, perhaps never to return?

To better understand your needs ActiveIT will help you plan your Business Continuity and as part of that determine whether you need a simple Backup Solution or a full-blown Business Continuity System.

Backup Solutions prevent data loss and allow you to recover information in the event of a disastrous event such as equipment failure or theft, fire or other major event.

Business Continuity Systems do also provide data backup, however they have a multi-layer approach that ensures the business is able to continue operating no matter what.

For a business reliant on computers to be able to operate, anything less than an absolutely airtight disaster recovery and business continuity plan is reckless. At best you may lose a day or two of business due to an IT failure. Typically, a major failure could take several days to resolve and the loss of business during this time could lead to bankruptcy and liquidation simply due to the time taken to get everything back up and running.

Even if you think your data is safe, is your business not worth investing just half an hour of your time to talk to one of our consultants and run through a Business Continuity Planning Checklist? If it isn’t, we wish you well, if it is then give us a call now.

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Backup systems must be secure and reliable, operating without human intervention.


All businesses should have a Business Continuity Plan, often also known as a Disaster Recovery Plan.