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More than an IT support contract, our Business IT Protection service is the complete solution for ensuring your business is safe from IT system failure or security threats.
Options provide you with the right services for your needs at the price you can afford.
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Business IT System Protection
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Business IT System Protection

Business IT system protection is crucial for any company in today's digital age. With the increasing reliance on technology and the internet, companies are exposed to a wide range of cyber threats that can compromise their sensitive data and disrupt their operations.

By implementing robust IT system protection measures, businesses can safeguard their critical information from cyber threats like malware, phishing, and hacking. This includes setting up firewalls, using antivirus software, keeping software and hardware up to date, and educating employees on best practices for online security.

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Tailored System Protection

Choose Your Business IT System Protection

We recognise that businesses all have different budgets and IT demands. That’s why we offer three levels of system protection to match your business needs. You can choose from the following:

Contact our team today if you need help deciding which level to choose.
We'll be happy to discuss your requirements and recommend the best system protection level.

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IT systems Support
Support Services

Computer User Support

If the IT systems are protected, why is support needed?
No matter how well-maintained your IT systems are, problems will occasionally crop up.
When they do, they need to be fixed quickly and efficiently.
Also, the individuals using your business’ computers will require assistance occasionally; they may need help with something simple like a password or how to use a feature they are unfamiliar with.
Whatever the problem, the user needs to be provided with prompt help when needed.
Choose from either:

Business IT Support FAQs

Managing and supporting a client infrastructure requires a deep understanding of technical aspects, troubleshooting and resolving IT problems, and following and implementing platform management processes and customer service.

One of the key benefits of outsourcing the Technical Support function is the ability to leverage a whole team of technical experts with experience in running this for many other businesses, typically at a reduced rate to hiring in-house.

Our support services are calculated on several variables, including the size of the business, services required, number of offices and support hours needed. ActiveIT provides complete consultative services for prospective clients to review their current IT solutions and provide visibility of technical gaps and issues before pricing a full business IT support service to facilitate productivity, reliability and security for your organisation.

We operate technical support either as a 9/5 service during standard UK working days or as a fully 24/7/365 service supporting both email and phone support methods.

Choosing the best IT support company for your organisation is a difficult decision. Our recommendation would be to focus on leading companies who will perform a consultative review of your current platforms and offer a suggested approach. ActiveIT provides an IT health check for all new and prospective clients to identify areas for optimisation for our managed and co-managed IT services to ensure we can offer the best-managed solutions and peace of mind for your business.

Site Support

On-Site Support

A visit by one of our engineers can be helpful periodically to perform a physical inspection of equipment and make any changes that are best performed on-site. It also allows users to discuss issues and get advice and guidance.
System failures do occasionally happen, no matter how well-protected they are, and sometimes a site visit is needed.
When this happens, having an engineer with you quickly removes stress.

On-Site IT Support
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IT Protection Team
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Cybersecurity Partner

Contact Our Business IT System Protection Team

With ActiveIT as your partner, you can rest assured that your business IT systems are protected, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.
We offer affordable and customised solutions to meet your specific needs. Our team is always available to answer any questions and provide support whenever needed.
Protect your business today with ActiveIT's Business IT System Protection service.
Contact us today to learn more about how we can help safeguard your business against cyber threats.

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