Home Care Support Add-On

Home Care Support Add-On

With home working now commonplace, users are often using home computers for work purposes and also sharing resources, such as network connections and printers, with other home users. The home computer network then becomes an extension of the business network; if something goes wrong it can therefore affect the business.

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Adding home users to ActiveIT’s Business IT Protection and Support gives them protection and support for their home computer(s) and network.

Included home computers receive Basic Core Protection that includes:

The price of protecting home computers is discounted to encourage the protection of all home computers as well as those used for business purposes.

This helps ensure that users remain productive whilst working in the home environment.

It also ensures that other “family” computers are protected and less of a risk to business data than they would otherwise be.

Security and data protection whilst working from home is as important as when working from business premises and should not be ignored.

Ensure you are protected. Let ActiveIT take care of your home computers used for business.

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