Middleton Insurance

Case Study: Middleton Insurance

A Testimonial From The Commercial Insurance Sector

The Client:

Middleton Insurance Services are Commercial Insurance Brokers and Underwriting Agents who operate from a number of locations around the UK.

The Need:

Back in 2004 the business was in need a new IT system that included PC’s servers, networks and software as well as appropriate support.  

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Why ActiveIT:

Allen Porter the owner said…

“I was introduced to two providers, I met Chris the MD of Active and I liked him, I now consider him a friend and I like the way they take away any headaches and aggravation in terms of IT."
Allen Porter

What have we delivered to our client:

We were able to provide the equipment and overall support that the client required, importantly as our client’s business has evolved so has our provision and support ensuring their changing needs are met both efficiently and effectively.

The Outcome:

We leave the final word on this to our client:

“We have always been happy with the way Active have performed on our behalf, any issues get efficiently dealt with, there is a lot of trust involved and it continues to work for us."
Allen Porter