5 Ways To Keep Messy Server Rooms Tidy (And Why It Will Help)

5 Ways To Keep Messy Server Rooms Tidy (And Why It Will Help)

Tidy yellow wires to help illustrate the importance of keeping messy server rooms tidy.

5 Ways To Keep Messy Server Rooms Tidy (And Why It Will Help)

Is your network and cable management a mess? Is your office or server cabinet cluttered and crammed with cables running in every direction? Does it look like a spaghetti junction?

If so, you’re not alone.

Many businesses need help with the same problem. After all, most of these things grow over time and adding another one here works just fine.

Until one day….

Benefits Of Tidying A Messy Server Room

As you’re probably already aware, a cabinet full of tangled server cables is not ideal.

And trying to fix a broken link or diagnose an issue while digging through a jungle of wires can pose many problems for your business – or headaches for you.

Fortunately, an organised cable cabinet and server room have more perks than aesthetics.

Effective server cable management can:

  • Better support the system and server regarding cooling efficiency
  • Save your business time and money spent on troubleshooting
  • Improve equipment performance and safety
  • Mitigate hassles for your IT maintenance team

Server Room Cable Management Ideas

With so many new products and techniques for server rack cable management, it’s challenging to decide where to begin.

So, here are five ideas to help keep messy server rooms tidy:

  1. Cables should always have proper bend radiuses to prevent breakage. One way to ensure this is by using a flexible product that allows for easy cable entry and exit points. If your server racks don’t have built-in cable management, our team of cable management professionals can install racks to allow for smooth bends. Proper bend radiuses are essential for all aspects of data center cable management.
  2. Rounding off sharp edges where leads and cables run can help reduce wear and tear. Doing so will prevent any damage caused by wires coming into contact with pointed corners or irregular surfaces. To keep your leads safe, avoid running them along edges whenever possible, or use reinforced covers to protect them from friction.
  3. Organising your cables can help increase airflow efficiency. Bunched cable sets block airflow, so it’s essential to plan and route them away from equipment intake and exhaust vents. Also, too much spare cabling can obstruct airflow, so try to use a cable that is the necessary length.
  4. Colour code your cables to increase the efficiency of troubleshooting. When all wires are one solid colour, it is difficult for a technician to identify and trace them. However, by cable colour labelling, you create a standardised system that makes cable identification quick and easy.
  5. Invest in suitable accessories and products, like vertical and horizontal cable managers, to keep your cabling infrastructure organised. Vertical cable managers help you manage cables vertically, keeping them structured and preventing bends or damage to the cords. Horizontal cable managers help with your horizontal runs, organising them, so they don’t get tangled or lost. Both protect your network whilst efficiently managing cables within your server racks.

Server Room Cable Management

If you’re looking to improve your server rack, office aesthetic, equipment performance and overall data/network performance, cable management is a great place to start.

Here at Active IT, we are experts in specification, repair, diagnosis and cable management for your business networks (read more about our IT Systems Support for Businesses).

We implement various products that can help, including organisation, proactive cable management, server racks and cable management accessories.

Contact us at ActiveIT today to learn more about cost-effective ways to manage your server rack and data cabling.

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